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Welcome to our Eleventh Catalog.

After months of very hard work we are delighted to present our best catalog ever. It features hundreds of new parts and the addition of replacement parts for several new equipment manufacturers. We’ve retained all the organizational features and multiple parts indices of our previous catalogs to make this the easiest catalog to use. We hope you enjoy it.

This new online catalog is kept constantly up-to-date reflecting new and updated parts as they become available. So over time it will begin to differ from Catalog Volume 10 which we shipped in October 2013.

Of course, we appreciate that it takes more than a comprehensive catalog to earn your business. Here’s what sets us apart:

We understand that the most important element of our business relationship is for us to deliver the correct parts, quickly and reliably. To this end, we offer a friendly and professional Customer Service Team that consists of members with years and years of experience doing nothing more than helping people get exactly the correct part. Our focus on commercial refrigeration enables us to know precisely what questions to ask to ensure that your request is handled as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Custom Parts
In addition to the thousands of specialized parts we inventory in our 3 fully stocked warehouses, we have the ability to offer a huge variety of custom ordered parts tailored to your specific requirements. Among the broad categories of specially designed parts are:
  • Gaskets – Magnetic and Compression; Custom formed on-site at Case Parts Company
  • Heaters and Warmer Wires – Custom bent tubular heaters and individually engineered warmer wires.
  • Shelves – A large variety of finishes and an infinite number of possible sizes and shapes
  • Coils – Specify a function, size, and a desired tube pattern and we’re off to the races
  • Walk-In Doors – Simply complete the order form at the back of the catalog and we’ll have a custom door manufactured to your exact specification

Three Locations
With fully stocked warehouses in Los Angeles, St. Louis and Seattle we offer an extensive inventory. Our branches are served by a single computer and telephone system so the resources of the entire company are available to you every time you contact us.

Competitive Pricing
We pay very close attention to what is happening within the industry so that we can offer you the most competitive pricing possible.

Thank you for interest in Case Parts Company. We look forward for the opportunity to earn your business. Our 11th Catalog is just the start.